Title Loans VS Payday Loans


I truly get tired of how people these days insist on placing car title loans and title pawns in the same industry. They are no where near being in the same industry as title loans.

The payday loans industry is slap full of sharks. Their ability to operate virtually across all state lines, opens up a industry that is fraught with deceptive lenders and bad players. See this article below for a strict comparison between the two, and decide for yourself which path you would go down when in need for fast cash with no credit check.

If you have read any of our material regarding payday loans, you know that they are something that we vehemently oppose here at Repaid.org. The insane interest rates and the short repayment terms do nothing to help consumers. With the rapid expansion of title loan companies, it seems that a new plague is in town. That led us to wonder if title loans are actually worse than payday loans, so let’s have a look.

Read More Car Title Loans: Worse Than Payday Lenders? | Repaid.org


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