Bad Players In The Title Loans Industry

As with any industry, there are always bad players. There are instances throughout the title loans Atlanta industry, but here’s what sets us apart from many of these company’s that are known to make title loans in Atlanta difficult.

We try everything we can to help borrowers that are struggling to make their payment. We do not want your car. We are in the title lending business, and we would much rather work with you to get your payments than to repossess your car.

Here is a excerpt from BreakingBrown.Com

“The data is clear.  What is also clear is how people who are at the end of their rope are being taken advantage of by companies preying on their predicament.

Paula Odrick was in a Philadelphia salon last summer, getting her hair done before heading to a religious convention, when her car disappeared. She asked around the neighborhood and phoned the local transportation department to see if they’d towed it — she’d parked near a bus stop — before she finally called the police and learned that

someone with a tow truck had repossessed her 2005 Toyota Corolla, which was the collateral she’d put up for a $1,500 auto title loan three years prior.”

Read More Woman Pays Over $4,000 on $1,500 Title Loan and Still Has Car Repossessed | Breaking Brown

These incidents just never end well for either the borrower or the company that has done the title loan.

Most reputable title lending and title pawn company’s in Atlanta will do everything that they can to avoid these type of situations, but with that said, there are a handful of title loan company’s in Atlanta that do deceptive practices, and should be avoided by consumers at all cost.

Whenever you need a trustworthy title pawn company in Atlanta, give us a call, or use our fast online quote at AtlantaTitlePawn.Com


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